Our responsibilities


Business with values

We are mindful of our role and responsibilities when interacting with financial markets and society as a whole. Winton and its founder have long supported initiatives that seek to address the world’s biggest challenges, funded by profits from our investment management activities.

Responsible investment

Our approach to responsible investment spans industry engagement; asset selection and ownership; and accountability and implementation.


Corporate social responsibility

We always consider our fiduciary obligations. Operating our business in a responsible and ethical manner is core to our values.


Diversity and inclusion

We recognise the benefit that diversity brings to our firm.‎ Our goal is to attract a diverse mix of highly skilled individuals.

Key CSR Partners

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A history of giving back

We have a long tradition of supporting charitable initiatives, particularly those related to science and mathematics, and our firm’s founder, David Harding, is a leading philanthropist through the David and Claudia Harding Foundation. The following timeline highlights key commitments made by the Foundation and Winton Capital Management.

WF100 events

Winton begins hosting regular 100 Women in Finance networking events in Abu Dhabi.



Prediction market

Winton and Hivemind's other shareholders donated the AGORA climate prediction market platform to Lancaster University. The platform enables researchers to host expert prediction markets for climate-risk outcomes.

Future Frontiers

Winton partners with the award-winning education charity Future Frontiers, which works with schools and businesses across the UK to deliver career coaching, advice and guidance.

The goal is to equip lower-attaining, disadvantaged young people with the skills to realise their potential at school and take positive next steps into education or training at age 16.

Ukraine invasion response

Winton reintroduces commitment to double match employee donations during Ukraine crisis.


Pandemic response

Winton makes commitment to double match employee donations during pandemic.


Risk literacy

The Harding Centre for Risk Literacy (Potsdam) continues a decade of work educating the public in their understanding of risk.

University of Cambridge

The David and Claudia Harding Foundation gifted £100 million to the University of Cambridge, making it the largest single donation to a UK university by a British philanthropist.


Now Teach

Winton Philanthropies becomes a founding partner of Now Teach, a charity that finds and supports career changers in teaching.

Trailblazers in mathematics

Over 100 female students with outstanding mathematical capabilities from London's most deprived areas joined the Women Trailblazers in Mathematics conference, which Winton held in partnership with Birkbeck University.

It included talks from women who are trailblazers in mathematics and have gone on to work in multitude of exciting careers.


Risk communication

The Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence and Communication works with institutions and individuals to improve the way that important evidence is presented to all of us.

Women in STEM

Winton joins forces with Birkbeck University to sponsor female STEM PhD studentship.


Science Museum

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery tells powerful stories about the work of mathematicians in the broadest sense, from salespeople to sailors, aircraft engineers to bankers, and gamblers to garden designers.

UNPRI signatory

Winton becomes a signatory of the UNPRI, a United Nations-supported international network of financial institutions working together to incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance factors into investment management.

Grant giving

Over 20 charities receive grants from Winton.


Francis Crick Institute

Providing seed funding for one of the world's leading biomedical research institutes by funding Winton Bioinformatics Suite.

Birkberk University

Winton begins a longstanding partnership with Birkbeck University, supporting academic prizes for work in statistics, and from 2016, supporting women in science PhD studentship.


Physics of sustainability

Winton Fund for Physics of Sustainability at the Cavendish Laboratory founded with £20 million donation to support research programmes that explore basic science which can generate the new technologies and new industries that will be needed to meet the demands of a growing population.


Risk literacy

Harding Centre for Risk Literacy (Max Planck) founded to help people understand and assess the risks facing them with a primary focus on health and medicine.


Science and policy

Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy founded to improve links between academics and policy makers, allowing the latter to make the best use of the available scientific evidence, and ensure that academics are better informed about the public policy.


Understanding of risk

Winton Professorship for the Public Understanding of Risk held by Sir David Spiegelhalter and established within the Statistical Laboratory of the University of Cambridge to improve the way in which risk and statistical evidence are taught and discussed in society.

Donations exceed £3m

Giving from the Winton Charitable Foundation passes a notable milestone.


Foundation established

The Winton Charitable Foundation is established to coordinate Winton's philanthropic efforts.