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Hivemind is a data science and technology company that applies a combination of sophisticated human and machine intelligence to solve complex unstructured data problems.

Now available to other financial institutions and data-driven organisations, Hivemind provides a secure cloud-based infrastructure for the design and management of data projects.

Climate Prediction Market

The Winton Climate Prediction Market allows individuals to take views on climate variables at distinct points into the future.

Prediction markets are markets specifically designed to reveal information. They achieve this by aggregating diverse beliefs to form a consensus forecast.

Exergy Capital

Exergy is an advanced energy investment firm focused on the global energy transition, a structural shift towards sustainable and low-carbon energy.

The firm pursues a private equity-style investment strategy focused on uncrowded sub-sectors and niche technologies throughout the energy value chain.

The Music Fund

Advances in technology and data science are finally making it possible for the long tail of up-and-coming musicians to pursue their ambitions.

Using methods honed in Winton’s investment management business, The Music Fund aims to apply machine learning and statistical techniques to develop a broader and fairer market for music royalties.

Science and Technology Investments

Our venture investments focus on three sectors: cybersecurity; energy and environment; and data science-driven healthcare.

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