David Harding on Why the VIX is Like Bitcoin – Bloomberg TV

David Harding covered the history of AI-driven investment and why the VIX index and Bitcoin could be involved in future financial crashes.

27 November 2017

Fusing Human and Artificial Intelligence

20 November 2017
The Danger of Black Monday Becoming a Mere Data Point

Failure to fully explain stock market crash of 1987 should be warning for investors.

17 October 2017
How Big is the Risk of Another Black Monday Equities Crash?

Thirty years on, the market is different but has similar characteristics, from high valuations to trading strategies that could accelerate a sell-off.

17 October 2017
Winton: A $3tn Hedge Fund Industry Does Not Exist

Review by the data-crunching gurus at David Harding's firm could challenge the widely-used industry figure.

17 October 2017
Union Investment's €29bn Funds Chief on the Rise of Robots

The quants are coming. Headline after headline heralds the AI age and the game-changing impact it signals for fund managers, selectors and even retail traders working on their home computers.

15 August 2017
AHL Founders Come Together at Abbey Road

As hedge fund reunions go, this was big. Billionaire investor David Harding joined former colleagues Martin Lueck and Michael Adam Tuesday at north London’s Abbey Road Studios in a rare get-together.

11 July 2017
Hedge Fund Bosses Make the Case for Humans

Humans won’t be obsolete in this lifetime.

27 June 2017
Winton Group Invests in EU Data Compliance Startup Exonar

Part of a £1.25m investment round for a British firm helping companies with requirements under GDPR – the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

27 April 2017
Data Intelligence Business Ripjar Receives £3.75m Follow-on Funding from Winton

The extra injection of capital will allow Ripjar to expand its international reach.

29 March 2017
Using Technology to Reform Economics - a Winton Data Workshop

Winton hosted a data science workshop at its San Francisco offices with some of the leading thinkers in the field.

28 February 2017
Europe’s Leading AI and Data Science Startups Showcase Disruptive Technology at Winton Labs Demo Day

The second cohort from the Winton Labs accelerator prepared to pitch at a Demo Day.

6 February 2017
David Hand Gives 2017 Schrödinger Lecture on Data Science

Winton Chief Scientific Advisor David Hand delivered the 2017 Schrödinger Lecture at Imperial College, outlining the promise – and ptifalls - of big data.

1 February 2017
Mathematics: The Winton Gallery Opens at the Science Museum

The highly anticipated Mathematics: The Winton Gallery, has officially opened at the Science Museum in London.

7 December 2016
Winton Joins the Science Philanthropy Alliance

Winton Philanthropies has become an associate member, further cementing its status as a leading supporter of scientific philanthropy.

1 December 2016
David Harding on Making Millions through Maths

In a recent article in FT Magazine, David Harding CEO and Founder of Winton, talks to Clive Cookson the FT Science Editor about physics, philanthropy and why he believes in tax.

25 November 2016
The Francis Crick Institute Officially Opens

The £650 million Francis Crick Institute is the biggest biomedical laboratory in Europe and is investigating the fundamental biology underlying human health and disease.

9 November 2016
New Winton Risk Centre Aims to Improve the Way Statistics are Communicated

Based at the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Mathematics and supported by a £5 million gift from Winton Philanthropies.

1 November 2016
Winton Hosts Artificial Intelligence Conference

There has been a fever of excitement surrounding the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

22 September 2016
Winton Mathematics Garden Wins Silver at Chelsea

The Winton Beauty of Mathematics garden has won a silver-gilt medal at the 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

24 May 2016
Winton Opens San Francisco Data Science Center

The new office’s team of data scientists will expand Winton’s proprietary datasets and explore new applications in pattern recognition and statistical inference.

18 April 2016