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Our Values

Winton’s success as a systematic investment manager relies on teams coming together collaboratively to work on complex, large-scale projects. As a result, our offices and working practices are designed to encourage the flow of ideas.

Working at Winton will appeal to highly numerate people who love puzzles and challenges, enjoy working with technology and are interested in the world around them.

We emphasise careful and considered decision-making, with statistical inference from empirical evidence trumping theories and opinions. Many of us are scientists by training – 40 of us have PhDs, in fields ranging from robotics to astronomy.

Our team is highly diverse and our interest multi-disciplinary and global. Our culture is cooperative and our rewards commensurate with achievement. We offer: competitive compensation schemes, an engaging working environment, training and development opportunities, and comprehensive benefits packages. Winton offers the best to attract the best.

Research People

Research & Strategy

The success of Winton’s business is rooted in its singular focus on empirical research and the proficient application of the scientific method. Due to the nature of researching data in financial markets, Winton’s researchers are mostly drawn from quantitative backgrounds that require expertise in working with large datasets with low signal-to-noise ratios, such as machine learning, cosmology, statistics, particle physics – all with a distinct focus on practical application.

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The Technology department is responsible for servicing the technology requirements of Winton and its systematic investment strategies. Composed of technology professionals with backgrounds in software engineering and physical sciences, the Technology department delivers infrastructure and software solutions to the other Winton teams by utilising a wide variety of tools.

Business People


Winton’s firm-wide corporate functions sit alongside the Technology and Research divisions. They include Client Advisory, Investment Operations, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Human Capital, Finance, the Executive Office and Corporate Services. The structure helps to clarify the human capital committed to the evolution of our business.

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