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Winton was founded by its Chief Executive Officer David Harding in 1997, following the success of Adam, Harding and Lueck (AHL), a company he cofounded in 1987.

David founded Winton on the belief that research into financial time series could give rise to investment strategies with better than even statistical chances of success. This belief was directly contrary to the prevailing wisdom of the time, which held that securities markets already took account of all the information relevant to their prices, and that statistical research into the history of those prices could not provide a meaningful investment advantage.

The quantitative trading strategies employed by Winton were initially based on exploiting the weak tendency of futures markets to exhibit trends. The success of these strategies enabled the firm to expand its research and technology teams and embark on a wide variety of further research projects. This resulted in new models based on a broader range of data and their application to a broader range of markets and instruments.

This focus on research and technology has been reflected in the development of Winton’s business. At inception, Winton had two researchers and traded momentum-based strategies in 50 futures and LME forwards markets. Today, the firm employs a substantial Research and Investment Management group and implements many strategies across more than 200 macro markets and up to 8,000 equities. From managing a single fund, Winton has progressed to offering a focused product range centred on the same rigorous, empirical approach.