Senior Developer - Quantitative Platform

London, United Kingdom

We seek a highly skilled developer with strong computer science fundamentals to join our Quantitative Platform team. This team is responsible for developing the core platform that underpins the research and trading of our quantitative investment strategies, alongside tools, APIs, libraries, and user interfaces to support this.

In this role you will work closely with our research and other technology teams to deliver high impact projects that improve our ability to predict and trade movements in global financial markets.

Our Technology 

Operating in a hybrid-cloud environment (on-premise and within AWS) we predominantly write our backend systems in C# with processes requiring higher performance implemented in C++ and Rust. Code is deployed as a docker image into Kubernetes on AWS where we can scale on-demand to satisfy burstable workloads. We make extensive use of Kafka for low-latency communication across applications and use a mixture of relational and NoSQL databases for storage. We utilise GitHub for source control and Jenkins for CI.

We constantly evaluate our stack to ensure we’re using the best technologies for the needs of our business.


  • Build and maintain a world-class platform that enables storage, transformation, and testing of data at scale by leveraging the latest open-source software, cloud, and distributed computing technologies.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the requirements of our research teams to deliver business-critical functionality in a timely-manner.
  • Collaborate with the team through active contribution in code reviews, knowledge-sharing, and design discussions.
  • Write and maintain good quality, well-tested code across services, data storage and UI layers.

What We're Looking For:

  • 5+ years of professional software development experience e.g., C#, Python, C++
  • Collaborative nature and ability to work in a team e.g., partnering with portfolio managers, quantitative researchers, and technologists.
  • Strong interest in keeping abreast of latest technologies and a measured approach for adopting them.
  • Comfortable with problem solving across multiple technologies and business domains.

What Would Be Useful:

  • Experience working as a software development in the quantitative hedge fund space.
  • Experience building web applications using front-end frameworks such as Angular.
  • Prior experience working with cloud and related technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes.
Equal Opportunity Workplace
We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or any other applicable legally protected characteristics.

Our recruitment process

Our assessment and selection processes are aimed at you showcasing your abilities rather than passing arbitrary tests. They are designed according to the requirements of our teams to identify the skills and attributes we seek. A member of our recruitment team will work with you throughout the process, guiding you at each stage.


Your application will be viewed by a member of our Human Capital team.

Video and onsite Interviews

We will invite you to our offices for interviews with individuals from inside and outside the team you will join.

Phone Interview

Your background and suitability for the role will be assessed by a member of our Human Capital team.


A member of our recruitment team will talk you through the offer details including compensation, benefits, role responsibilities and future career paths.


You may be asked to complete a technical assessment and/or case study.