Policies and Disclosures
23 November 2021

It has come to our attention certain websites and social media accounts are making false claims of association with Winton Group Limited and David Harding.

These websites, including wintoninvestment.net, wintonfmil.com, wintoninvestment.com, wintonfundmanagement.ie, wintonfundmanagementireland.com, BitsMax, wintoncapitalinvest and Winton Capital Investment International, are attempting to replicate our official website and branding. These websites and channels are unrelated to Winton Group Limited, its subsidiaries and its Founder and CEO, David Harding. Our only official website is winton.com. Please refer to the cloned firms alert on the FCA register.

David Harding and other employees of Winton will not contact investors using WhatsApp or other encrypted messaging platforms.

Please be aware of investment fraud and read the guidance from the FCA on how to protect yourself from potential scams.