Our Approach

At Winton, we research and trade quantitative investment strategies, which are implemented via thousands of securities, spanning the world's major liquid asset classes.

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It starts with data

Our researchers gather and clean datasets, ranging from asset prices and trading volumes to railcar loadings and credit card transactions − anything that might help us to predict financial markets.

Finding signals in the noise

Using statistical and mathematical modelling, pattern recognition and machine learning techniques, our researchers tease out predictive signals that form the basis of our quantitative investment strategies.

Understanding patterns in markets

Our expertise in determining the statistical strength of our research findings − combined with appropriate risk and cost controls − underpins the design of our investment strategies.

Experienced in implementation

We have developed the technology and infrastructure necessary to execute our strategies efficiently and systematically across a wide range of global markets and instruments.

At the forefront of quantitative investment

Our significant investment in this research-led approach is dedicated to our aim of delivering long-term capital appreciation for our investors. We've been at the forefront of the quantitative approach to systematic investing for more than two decades.

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We offer quantitative investment strategies that cater for a range of objectives.
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The Future Tool

Monte Carlo simulation allows investors to visualise the range of portfolio outcomes.

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Scientific Method

The techniques we use to build and refine the knowledge that underpins our strategies.

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