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Trend following is an investment strategy that seeks to profit systematically from price trends in financial markets. The tendency for markets to trend is backed by extensive empirical evidence and trend-following funds have been an important component of institutional investment portfolios for more than a decade.

The Winton Absolute Return Futures Fund gives UK investors access to the firm’s diversified managed futures approach and trend following trading systems. The fund combines trend following with other managed futures trading strategies to construct portfolios capable of navigating a range of market environments.

The ability to capture up and down price trends in more than 100 global markets.

The Winton Absolute Return Futures Fund applies trend following and other predictive signals to many markets over multiple time horizons.

Overseen by an experienced team with a 22-year track record of trend following investing.

We have achieved attractive long-term results for our investors through applying this strategy to a diverse trading universe around-the-clock.

Winton has uncovered other trading systems that complement our trend-following strategy.

We trade a range of trend-following and non-trend-following strategies as we seek returns in a range of market environments.

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