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The Winton Global Alpha Fund pursues a diversified, liquid alternatives approach to investment management. The fund's strategy dynamically allocates risk across the world's four major liquid asset classes – equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies – to construct a diversified portfolio that is capable of generating returns in a range of market environments.

Winton takes a novel approach to liquid alternatives investing, whereby positions are determined by a research-backed systematic investment strategy. The Winton Global Alpha Fund, brought to you by Macquarie Professional Series, is built on more than 22 years of liquid alternatives investing experience.

The ability to capture up and down moves in almost 100 global markets.

The Winton Global Alpha Fund applies rules-based investment strategies to many markets over multiple time horizons.

Overseen by an experienced team with a 22-year track record of systematic investing.

We have achieved attractive long-term results for our investors through applying this liquid alternatives strategy to a diverse trading universe around-the-clock.

Research and innovation is critical for ensuring a liquid alternatives strategy can continue to deliver.

Our research has led us to adapt our intelligent trading systems over time to changes in market behaviour.

How to Invest

We have been delivering our strategies to Australian and New Zealand financial advisers and their clients through the Macquarie Professional Series for over a decade.

You can now invest in the Winton Global Alpha Fund via mFund. mFund allows you to buy, hold and sell units in unlisted managed funds through a process similar to buying and selling shares.