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Commodity investing involves taking long and short positions across energies, metals and agricultural markets. This asset class can be a valuable addition to a diversified portfolio as it tends to have low correlations with equities and bonds over the long term. At Winton, we invest across approximately 40 commodity markets as part of a diversified, multi-asset portfolio, including gold, crude oil, natural gas and copper.

The ability to profit from moves in commodities, equities, interest rates, bonds and currencies

The Winton Absolute Return Futures Fund applies rules-based investment strategies to many markets over multiple time horizons.

Overseen by an experienced team with a 22-year track record of systematic investing.

We have achieved attractive long-term results for our investors through applying this strategy to a diverse managed futures universe.

Research and innovation is critical for ensuring a managed futures strategy can continue to deliver.

Our research has led us to adapt our intelligent trading systems over time to changes in market behaviour.

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