Talks at Winton

“Pernicious traits are to do with human nature. The biggest is a complete absence of self-knowledge.”

Lucy Kellaway

Lucy Kellaway was a columnist for the Financial Times before going on to found Now Teach, which helps career changers become teachers.

During her more than 30 years at the FT, Kellaway wrote a column that skewered companies and their managers for using jargon and demonstrating a tin ear.

“We have to pretend that the work we do, we do for love,” says Kellaway. In reality, we do not feel this way at all about work, she adds. “Most people like some autonomy, but also like being told what’s expected of them. It’s why most of us work for companies rather than choosing to be entrepreneurs.”

Kellaway points out that as companies get bigger, corporate stupidity tends to get worse. And that when people gain more power, they “start behaving in suspect ways”.