Investment Highlights

Backed and developed by ongoing and rigorous scientific research

  • Intelligent investment system that evolves in line with markets
  • Research efforts provide hard-to-replicate advantages across the investment process
  • High calibre scientists with expertise in applying pattern recognition to big data


Decades of experience in systematic investing

  • Over 25 years at the forefront of systematic investment management
  • David Harding has started two of the word’s leading alternative investment companies: AHL and Winton

Proven track record in a variety of market conditions and low correlation with traditional investments

  • WFP has achieved stable risk-adjusted performance
  • Only two negative calendar years since 1997
  • Low correlation with equities and bonds over the long run

Draws on Winton's deep expertise in risk management

  • Multi-faceted approach to risk, assessing a wide range of factors
  • Navigated a number of major crises
  • Shorter and shallower drawdowns than those experienced by equities