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Winton Diversified Program

Diversified absolute return strategy; invests long and short in futures, forwards and equities; trading since October 1997.

  • Backed and developed by ongoing and rigorous scientific research
  • Proven track record in a variety of market conditions
  • A source of portfolio diversification over the long term

Winton Futures Program

Managed futures strategy; invests long and short in futures and forwards; trading since October 1997.

  • A long track record in managed futures
  • Stable investment returns delivered over many market cycles
  • Multi-dimensional approach to risk management

Winton Long-Only Equity Program

Benchmarked active systematic equity strategy; global and regional universes; trading since October 2009.

  • Over a decade of research into global equity markets
  • Employs multiple signals underpinned by empirical evidence
  • Draws on Winton's deep expertise in portfolio construction and risk management