Fellowship Overview

The Winton Exoplanet Fellowship Programme is a new initiative to provide an opportunity for exceptional recent doctoral scientists to conduct novel theoretical and observational research into planetary astronomy. The fellowship programme supports postdoctoral fellows working on the detection and characterisation of exoplanets, with the goal of advancing our fundamental understanding of their formation, structure, and potential habitability.

The fellowship programme recognises early-career researchers of significant potential and provides them with the opportunity to conduct independent research that will establish them in positions of distinction and leadership in the field, and which will be disseminated in academic and other publications. Successful postdoctoral fellows are expected to carry out an ambitious, coherent research programme in the field of planetary astronomy.

Each recipient will receive a three-year grant of up to £220k to cover salary, benefits and discretionary spending (e.g. travel).

The programme also sponsors an annual planetary astronomy symposium to increase and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas in the field through the networking of students, postdoctoral researchers, young faculty members, and established researchers.


Candidates must pursue a postdoctoral position at a UK university. Candidates must have earned their doctoral degree in astronomy, physics, planetary sciences, chemistry, mathematics, or a related discipline by Saturday, September 30th, 2017.


Nominations are now open and will close on Friday, September 1 2017. Department Heads from selected universities can nominate up to two candidates per institution. The faculty member(s) that will be hosting the candidate should collaborate with the candidate to develop his/her application materials and research proposal.


Winton Philanthropies anticipates awarding up to six fellowships, based on the quality of submissions. Completed applications are reviewed by the Winton Philanthropies advisory panel, which will recommend candidates to the Winton Philanthropies Board of Trustees for approval. Fellows will be announced in October 2017.