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Winton Philanthropies

Funding Scientific Research

Winton’s success is built on scientific creativity and curiosity – and our philanthropy invests in these qualities by funding experimental, bold and risk-taking research. Notable projects include the Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability at the Cavendish Laboratory, and the Winton Bio-informatics Suite at the Francis Crick Institute.


As Winton’s home city, London is a key focus for Winton Philanthropies. We support projects and institutions that add to the character, culture and beauty of the city. In pursuit of this goal, Winton Philanthropies has supported Kew Gardens, Shakespeare’s Globe and Westminster Abbey.

Communication of Scientific Ideas

We believe that scientific ideas should be shared and understood beyond academia. Winton Philanthropies focuses particularly on the field of the public understanding of risk, aiming to educate the public and policymakers in how to make better decisions using statistics. Significant projects include the Winton Centre for Risk & Evidence Communication at Cambridge University, and the Winton Mathematics Gallery at the Science Museum, London.

Local Initiatives

With offices in nine locations around the world – from London to Sydney – Winton is a global company. We aim to be a good neighbour wherever we work, supporting charities in the areas local to Winton's offices.

The Winton Exoplanet Fellowships

The Winton Exoplanet Fellowships supports gifted postdoctoral scientific researchers who are working on the detection and characterisation of exoplanets.