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17 October 2019 - 1 minute read

The company, which grew out of Winton’s research division and its principals’ expertise in natural language processing and linguistics, has developed a unique AI copywriter that can instantly generate dynamic product descriptions in any language.

Rory Waite, CEO of Emotif.ai, said: “Our technology allows companies to adapt marketing copy in real-time to account for new data or changes in customer tastes. Emotif.ai’s AI copywriter can instantly craft and personalise copy, and our analytics platform offers clients the ability to measure and optimise its impact.

“We are hugely grateful to Winton for its support and we are looking forward to the next chapter of our development as an independent company.”

Edward Longhurst, Winton’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “Emotif.ai has its roots in Winton’s statistical and mathematical research into global financial markets.

“Advances in AI technology are now making it possible for companies like Emotif.ai to radically improve businesses in areas that were long thought to be resistant to automation.”

Emotif.ai is the third Winton-originated venture to be spun out as an independent company in the last two years, following the launch of data science company Hivemind and The Music Fund, which uses data science to invest in music royalties.

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