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May 10, 2017 LONDON – The Winton Exoplanet Fellowship Programme is a new initiative to provide attractive positions for exceptional recent doctoral scientists wishing to conduct novel theoretical and observational research into planetary astronomy.

Exoplanets are worlds beyond our solar system that have been found with increasing frequency since the discovery of the first – 51 Pegasi b – more than 20 years ago. This relatively new, exciting and rapidly-advancing field of study fuses planetary science and astronomy. It holds the promise of shedding light on the process by which planetary systems form and evolve, and whether life exists elsewhere in the universe.

Winton Philanthropies anticipates awarding up to six fellowships in the UK, based on the quality of submissions. Successful postdoctoral fellows will be expected to carry out ambitious, systematic research programmes, with each recipient qualifying for a three-year grant of up to £220,000 to cover salary, benefits and travel or other discretionary costs.

Eligible candidates must be in a postdoctoral position at a UK university in a relevant discipline. Completed application forms will be reviewed by the Winton Philanthropies advisory panel, which will recommend candidates to the Winton Philanthropies Board of Trustees for approval. Awardees will be announced in October.

The deadline for applications is 5:00 PM (BST) on Friday, September 1 2017.

Winton Philanthropies is the charitable arm of Winton Group.

For more information, please contact media@winton.com.