Mathematics The Winton Gallery Opens At The Science Museum
7 December 2016 - 3 minute read

The gallery was made possible by a £5 million gift from Winton Philanthropies, the largest single donation in the history of the Science Museum. The permanent exhibit aims to inspire adults and children alike with the power and beauty of mathematics.

"At Winton, we employ some of the finest minds in the country, using sophisticated mathematics to understand and harness the workings of industry and commerce. However, mathematics is found in more than just university departments and the world of finance; the power of mathematics has daily use and importance across all of our lives. We recognise that, for many people, mathematics might seem like a forbidding and perhaps remote subject. This is something we are looking to alter, and this led us to support the Science Museum’s ambitious plans to change the public’s relationship with mathematics and its history."

The Winton Gallery was designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, herself a mathematics graduate. It explores the complex ideas of mathematicians since the turn of the 17th century in a beautiful and unusual space. By bringing together remarkable stories, historical artefacts and design, the gallery highlights the central role of mathematical practice in all our lives, and explores how mathematicians, their tools and ideas have helped build the modern world over the past four centuries.

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery is free to visit and open daily from 8 December 2016.

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Image Credits: Jonathan Buckley