31 May 2015 - 1 minute read

Whether in Chicago, London or Tokyo, the pit is where traders have for centuries met to bargain and make deals in just about anything that can have a price. Meanwhile, the pendulum-like nature of traders’ optimism and pessimism are accompanied by moods oscillating between greed and fear.

The original idea for this book comes from 30 years’ experience of both trading and analysing financial markets. When performing a detailed statistical analysis on huge volumes of data, there is great virtue in representing data and ideas visually in the most elegant and insightful way.

In Quest of Aztec Gold: The Panic of 1825

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Armed with cheap banknotes and a romantic disposition, British speculators ventured deep in to the Jungle of Latin American investments during the early 1820s. Yet all they found were profit-sucking leeches and pyramid schemes.

We fear that the folly of man is not subject matter for legislation

Benjamin Disraeli
The Pit & the Pendulum