Powell’s Outside Status Breaks Central Bank Pattern

The central banks of the world’s most influential nations have for the past two decades been dominated by economists. This hasn’t always been the case.

5 February 2018
Gaming the Market

Why not give your nearest and dearest the gift of a classic financial market boardgame? Here we present 10 ideas from the Winton archive.

15 December 2017
Sea Changes – The Longer View of Shipping

The tracking of shipping routes is an oft-cited achievement of modern data science. But comparable data has been collected for centuries—as our video shows.

27 November 2017
Decoding AI’s Role in Financial Services

Hopes vested in AI capabilities have often run ahead of the reality – just as they did several decades ago.

20 October 2017
Australia’s Lesser Known Commodities Booms

The typical Australian analogy for the China-fuelled expansion in commodities trading would probably be the mid-19th century gold rush.

19 July 2017
Cocoa’s Bittersweet Bounty – 200 Years in Charts

A recent Longer View article looked at standout commodities performer palladium. Now, for the dunce of the class: cocoa.

11 July 2017
Investment Catalysts: Palladium’s Inexhaustible Price Swings

The emissions scandal has hit carmakers’ shares, but has also proved a fillip for another type of investment.

28 June 2017
Unstable Gases: Market Shocks and Qatari LNG

The gas market has experienced many shocks stretching back into the 19th century.

19 June 2017
Choked Off: The Six Day War’s Impact on Maritime Trade

On June 5, 1967, Israeli jets launched the opening salvo of a short, but consequential conflict that shut the Suez Canal for eight years.

6 June 2017
Over a Barrel: the Pipedream of Oil Price Stability?

Oil-producing countries are fretting ahead of the next OPEC meeting, given the seeming powerlessness of the cartel to influence the oil price.

23 May 2017
US Protectionism in Four Charts

Understanding long-term patterns in global trade can serve as a useful window into economic and financial market developments.

11 May 2017
The Sweet and Sour History of Sugar Prices

A recent report described a commodity trader buying up thousands of swimming pools’ worth of sugar, potentially moving the market.

6 April 2017
The History of the Modern International Monetary System

The recent surge in bitcoin prices, fuelled by capital flight from China, evinces a growing desire to revamp (or circumvent) the world’s monetary order.

14 March 2017
The Market Impact of US Presidential Elections

In the lead up to the recent US presidential election, it was widely predicted that the US stock market would crash in the event of a Trump victory.

10 February 2017
Copper-Bottomed Booms and Busts

Perhaps the most striking manifestation of the 2000s copper boom was the sight of charred human remains dangling from power cables.

18 January 2017
The Pit & The Pendulum: Part I

A history of manias, panics and crashes: the ‘Pit’ refers to the trading pit; the ‘Pendulum’ to how traders’ emotions swing back and forth.

31 May 2015
The Pit & The Pendulum: Part II

Ranging from the Dutch tulip bubble of 1637 to Mexico’s Peso crisis of 1994, Part II also explores various manias and panics in 19th century America, including in railroads, land and mines.

31 May 2015