Absolute Return Funds

The Winton Diversified Fund (UCITS) and Winton Absolute Return Futures Fund are designed for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation. Both funds follow programs that 1) have the potential to deliver positive performance in a variety of market environments; and 2) have had low correlations with traditional investments over the long run.*

Winton Diversified Fund (UCITS)

Wholesale and institutional investors can now harness the power of the longstanding Winton Diversified Program in a UCITS format. The Winton Diversified Program is an absolute return strategy that has been trading since 1997.

Winton Absolute Return Futures Fund

A conservative diversified investment fund designed to play a long-term role in the portfolios of UK savers, and available via defined contribution pension schemes, financial advisers and wealth managers. The fund follows a constrained version of the Winton Futures Program.

Long-Only Equity Funds

The three funds follow the Winton Long-Only Equity Program, a systematic strategy that uses Winton’s intellectual property to construct core equity portfolios, benchmarked to global or regional indices.

Winton Global Equity Fund

Benchmark: MSCI World Index

Winton US Equity Fund

Benchmark: S&P 500 Index

Winton European Equity Fund

Benchmark: MSCI Europe Index

*Please note that a positive return is not guaranteed and capital is at risk.