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Our Approach

We design intelligent investment systems that evolve as financial markets change through time. Our decisions are driven by the empirical analysis of data, rather than instinct or intuition.

What we do

At Winton it all starts with data. We gather and clean vast, rich datasets. Not only financial data, but anything which may help us to understand how markets behave. Our approach is rooted in science, rather than financial theory - and implemented by a large team of researchers with backgrounds ranging from bioinformatics to astrophysics.

Using statistical and mathematical modelling, data visualisation, pattern recognition and machine learning techniques, we tease out subtle predictive signals that form the basis of our investment systems. Such signals are always weak and barely distinguishable from noise, which is why our researchers are drawn from academic disciplines where techniques for dealing with low signal-to-noise ratio problems have been honed. Our expertise in establishing the real statistical significance of research findings - combined with appropriate risk and cost controls - underpins the design of our investment strategies.

Our significant investment in this research-led approach is dedicated to producing superior long-term returns for our investors.

Our Programs

Winton Diversified Program

Diversified absolute return strategy; invests long and short in futures, forwards and equities; trading since October 1997.
  • Winton’s flagship investment program
  • Proven track record in a variety of market conditions
  • A source of portfolio diversification over the long term

Winton Futures Program

Managed futures strategy; invests long and short in futures and forwards; trading since October 1997.
  • A long track record in managed futures
  • Stable investment returns delivered over many market cycles
  • Multi-dimensional approach to risk management

Winton Long-Only Equity Program

Benchmarked active systematic equity strategy; global and regional universes; trading since October 2009.
  • Over a decade of research into global equity markets
  • Employs multiple signals underpinned by empirical evidence
  • Draws on Winton's deep expertise in portfolio construction and risk management


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