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Winton combines the rigour of the scientific method with advanced investment technology to invest in financial markets. We have been doing this on behalf of our clients around the world for almost 20 years.

Our History

Winton’s founder, David Harding, has been at the forefront of data-driven, systematic investment management for 30 years. After graduating from Cambridge in Theoretical Physics, David worked as a trader at the newly opened London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE). He quickly saw the potential for statistical inference and modern computing to be used to identify trading signals – contrary to the prevalent notion of market efficiency. In 1987, David joined forces with two partners to found Adam, Harding and Lueck (AHL), where they developed a range of highly profitable investment strategies. AHL was subsequently bought by the Man Group.

David founded Winton in 1997 with the belief that the scientific method offers the best approach to investing. His investment philosophy was captured in a speech and subsequent paper to the Royal Society in 1993. This document has served as a manifesto, defining Winton’s guiding principles ever since.  

Today, Winton manages approximately $30billion of assets for many of the world’s largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, banks and fund platforms. We employ more than 450 people in offices around the globe: London, Oxford, Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo and Zurich.

Latest News

Winton Launches Absolute Return Multi-asset UCITS Strategy Designed for UK Investors

03 July 2017
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Winton Expands UCITS Range with Absolute Return Multi-asset Strategy Aimed at European Institutions

04 July 2017
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Data Quality: a Big Data Analytics Conference

13 June 2017
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Introducing the Winton Exoplanets Fellowship

10 May 2017
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Winton Group Invests in EU Data Compliance Start-up Exonar

28 April 2017
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Data Intelligence Business Ripjar Receives £3.75m Follow-on Funding from Winton

29 March 2017
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Using Technology to Reform Economics - a Winton Data Workshop

28 February 2017
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Europe’s leading AI and Data Science Startups showcase disruptive technology at Winton Labs Demo Day

6 February 2017
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David Hand Gives 2017 Schrödinger Lecture on Data Science

1 February 2017
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Winton and LSE researchers propose UK-based climate prediction market

31 January 2017
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