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31 August 2017

We believe some things because of the evidence of our senses: that it is daytime, that the floor is solid, that there are other people in the room. We believe other things because of a somewhat more circuitous chain of inference, from direct sensory evidence: that it will get dark later (it always has before), that the floor will remain solid in future (unless somethi ....

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3 March 2017

Warren Buffett has become established as perhaps the greatest investor of all time. Over the past 50 years he has shared many of his views with his investor “partners” through his Berkshire Hathaway annual report, a comprehensive explanation for its shareholders of the progress of the business, as well as of other matters of contemporary relevance to the world of investing. ....

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19 October 2016

Over the last two or three years, a number of new, interrelated fashions have emerged in the institutional asset management world. Smart Beta, Alternative Beta, Crisis Risk Offset, Tail Risk Protection, Positive Convexity have all arisen out of the defining challenges for asset managers today: risk free rates of zero, government bond yields in all major countries that range ....

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23 September 2016

As featured in The TelegraphDavid HardingThe June referendum result has galvanised thinking about the City of London’s future in a UK that will soon cease to be part of the European Union. While much of the recent discussion has centred on the potential negative consequences of Brexit, greater legislative independence will also mean that there may be new op ....

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7 July 2016

The UK’s Vote to leave Europe is a surprise, but it can hardly be said to have come out of the blue. Whether the root cause of the result is that British people were deceived 40 years ago by their leaders when originally asked to sign up to the “Common Market”, or whether the European Project has simply evolved in the intervening years in a direction they do not want to go, ....

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1 April 2016

I agreed to become the Treasurer of the Stronger in Europe Campaign, and put my money where my mouth is by donating 3.5million pounds to it, because I felt there was a real danger that the United Kingdom could, through an unfortunate confluence of circumstances, accidentally sleepwalk out of Europe as a result of this summer’s referendum. The Leave campaign is passionate, si ....

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1 March 2016

A modern version of domestic service could give meaningful work to millions. Domestic service – words redolent of Upstairs Downstairs, quietly unruffled butlers and The Forsyte Saga. But this image, embedded in the national consciousness through years of Sunday night dramas, gives a skewed picture of domestic service as it really was in the 19th and early 20th centuries. ....

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2 February 2016

Imagine if the economy as we know it was built on a myth. Imagine if that myth was the foundation stone on which has been erected the mainstream financial systems that control the global economy – the great bazaars of stock markets, bond markets, fiendishly complex financial instruments, credit default swaps, futures and options on which the fortunes of billions rest. Imagin ....

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1 February 2016

The countdown to Britain's EU referendum has started. The Prime Minister has secured some important concessions from his European counterparts. This is all very welcome, but deal or no deal I would have argued for Britain to stay in Europe.I became Co-Treasurer of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign - comprised of organizations and individuals that favour Britain r ....

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